Only Casual Wear you say? Why do I need to take my casual clothes to the dry cleaners?  Well of course we say you should take your casual clothes to the dry cleaners!  We know you take pride in how you look and there is no rule that says that only your suits should be dry cleaned and your shirts need a laundry service. Basically it gets down to image and how much time do you want to spend on it, how well do you want to look, how credible do you want to look, how do you want to represent yourself, your business, or the company you represent? Bosses and clients will take notice on your appearance and it may just make the difference on the sale.  Have you ever noticed that when things go really bad or look really bad that it comes to your attention?  Take restaurants for example, your first impression is the way the food looks, same goes for the way you look to who you are meeting with. If your business only requires casual dress, those jeans and shirt or those pants and sweater can make or break you. Is your shirt pressed, is your sweater wrinkled or pilled, do your jeans look like you just pulled them out of the dryer?  Dry cleaners know how to press them so that you know when you get ready in the morning that you are ready for the day!  A little secret!  Village Cleaners and Shirt Laundry in St. Louis Park, close to Edina have dry cleaning pricing that gets your jeans done for $5.00 every day!