FACT #1: All dry cleaners are not created equal.

Full service dry cleaners offer a pretty broad list of services and give attention to detail.  They use an extensive step by step process that does not take short cuts in their process and is willing to give the attention to detail in providing spot removal with quality commercial products. 

As you can imagine and compare to doing laundry at home, it is a labor intensive business.

Discount dry cleaners model is commonly designed around high volume at a reduced price.

Processes have to be expedited to be profitable, time is their enemy. 

FACT #2: All stains can not always be removed.

There are many factors that need to be considered with stains on your clothes. 

What is the stain?

What is the fabric content?

What is the thread density and how many layers are affected? 

What color is the garment?

How long has the stain been in the garment?

Has stain removal been attempted?

Has the garment been washed?

Has the garment been put in the dryer?

What does the care label state?

Dry cleaners are very experienced with many stains and textiles, they know what is possible and can give a very good educated guess on stain outcomes given the circumstances. With all of the variables it is very important to have the experience to know how far to go with stain removal and when to stop. Pretreating stains can be very detrimental for correct stain removal.

FACT #3: It is cheaper to do my own clothing at home.

Ask yourself what your time is worth or calculate your hourly rate at work. Then, figure out how

much time it takes you to wash, replace buttons and press your own shirts. How much money could you make given more time? How much would you have paid yourself to do this work at your hourly income? Plus your utilities and soap supplies.

FACT #4: Dry cleaning slows down aging

The quickest way to shorten the life of your clothes is to let them stay dirty.

Dirty clothes simply wear out faster than clean clothes. A host of natural pollutants and

chemicals — cologne, smog, food, dust, rain — attach themselves to our clothes each day and

eat away at clothing fibers.

Dirt picked up in the air acts like sandpaper on the fibers, the longer stains sit on fibers, the more difficult they are to remove.

FACT #5:  It is important to store your clothes clean

Yes, the unsightly stain on your tie is noticeable. But did you know invisible stains like those

from clear soft drinks and white wine and odors like cigarette smoke become noticeable over

time as well? Additionally, stains you simply wipe off like salsa or

mustard will come back when the stain dries and could lead to other problems like discoloration

of the fabric, pilling or other permanent damage.

Clothes also look better when they’re freshly laundered and pressed. It’s an intangible quality” They look more professional, more

knowledgeable and command more respect than those who choose to ignore the non-verbal

impact that what you wear has on those around you.

FACT #6: You get what you pay for.

It may be that the low cost dry cleaner around the block suits your needs just fine if a basic

cleaning and steaming is all you need. But many people need more from a dry cleaner when they really evaluate their cleaning and pressing needs.

If you need more from a dry cleaner such as regular spot removal, button replacement, hand

pressing, pick up or delivery service, confidence that the dry cleaner will understand the

requirements for cleaning and pressing your clothes, and you require cleaning of specialty items

like draperies and comforters, then taking some time to find the right full service dry cleaner —

not just the cheapest or closest — full service, professional dry cleaner will pay dividends in the

end. There are times that the consumer can not tell the difference in dry cleaning quality, but we assure you there is a big difference!