It’s wedding season! And it’s all about the dress?  Village Cleaners in St. Louis Park and Minneapolis would like to say NO!  All about wedding dresses can be saved for the next blog post, it’s all about the suits!  Trends have shifted away from renting tuxedos and the grooms and groomsmen are wearing their suits of choice.  Never wear another man’s tuxedo!  Renting tuxedos often deride as frumpy, ill-fitting, dated and even worn looking from renting from wedding to wedding.  A bride is all about her dress and only wears it for one day, MEN PAY ATTENTION!  We have J.Hilburn Stylists available through Village Cleaners and why not invest in a made to measure suit that you can wear for your wedding and for future events. Remember, your shirt and tie will dictate the formality of your wedding day and then you can shift in to professional mode with more office attire in your accessories down the road. We provide a seamless stress free experience for the groom and the men in the wedding.  We have a large inventory of Italian wools with distinctive style. Getting the right fit and made to measure for your body style will pay for itself over and over for future events. A really great secret to getting measured for a custom suit is that once you are measured you are able to shop for the future at a later date.  For the guys that don’t like to shop, have someone else shop for you, or take advantage of your personal stylist to keep you looking dapper. Village Cleaners will automatically dry clean and press and then deliver your new custom garments  at no additional charge, it is part of our service, we want to make sure that it fits perfectly. We always guarantee that it fits right!

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