Trade Shows are big business.  It is one of the ways that many businesses try to get in front of a lot of people. There are so many props, signs, trade show tablecloths, free give aways, etc.  The trick is to get people to stop and talk to you, and in return get at least their contact information.  Your marketing ability and the look of your booth is what catches someone’s eye.  It always comes back to first impressions.  Do you look your best as well?  If you aren’t in a suit, and you are in casual clothes like jeans or chinos with a dress shirt or a golf/sport shirt they should be cleaned and pressed so that you look as good as your booth.  Keep in mind that we have coupons for exactly those items.  Check out our dry cleaning coupon page and dry cleaning pricing.  Village Cleaners in St. Louis Park near Edina,  is so close to downtown and is your favorite close to West End dry cleaner.  We want you to succeed and sell your products, we want you to represent yourself well.  Just because you can wear casual clothes doesn’t mean you should wear your clothes out of the dryer.   Golf shirts will last longer if you bring them to the dry cleaners, the collar will stay straight, the placket will get pressed and straightened out, and be will block your 100% cotton golf shirts so that they don’t get too short and they easily tuck in your pants.   Last but not least, make sure your Trade Show Tablecloths are clean and pressed, don’t let the spots from soda or coffee from the last show get exposed. It will be the first thing they see, your Trade Show tablecloth and YOU!  Be prepared! And we wish you well!!