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Garment Cleaning Your Dark Wardrobe

Are you frustrated when you buy a new pair of jeans or black shirt, only for them to fade after a few washes? Faded blacks and dark colors need to be treated extra special, the easy answer would be to never wash your dark clothes, but your clothes do have to eventually get clean. As [...]

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Clorox vs. Village Cleaners

It is often thought that bleach is a miracle cleaner that kills germs and gets rid of stains on white laundry and sanitizes areas around the home. However, bleach is dangerous and not nearly as effective at garment cleaning as many think, it is not a cure all. At Village Cleaners in St. Louis Park, [...]

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Perspiration 101

Clean the garment with perspiration right away. Time is of the essence when it comes to this especially.  Today's anti-perspirants have aluminum compounds in them along with other chemicals.  The chemicals and acids in your perspiration can react and discolor the underarms of your clothes and will not show themselves right away.  Over time the [...]

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