If you’re going to invest in formal wear, the least we can do is care for it with the special touch it deserves. Our gentle cleaning process keeps tuxedos, evening-wear and special occasion garments bright, fresh and looking their best. Our formal wear care may take a little more time than a budget dry cleaner, but we want to ensure that the garment is returned to you looking its absolute best.

When you drop off your formal attire one of our trained experts will inspect your specialty garment for spots, tears or other problem areas that may require special attention. Our gentle cleaning technique and hand finishing artistry assures the finest cleaning of your formal attire. Evening gowns with a substantial amount of beads or sequins, may require hand cleaning and special finishing.


According to Bloomberg, the well-respected, $9 billion data and media company,  the Tuxedo rental market is falling out of favor in lieu of men owning their own tuxedos. Formal attire rental was much more common when men wore tuxedos very infrequently and it cost upwards of $1,000 to own a tuxedo. Now, men’s formal wear is much more affordable and more styles are available, making the “one-style-fits-all/some-better-than-others” rental tuxedos almost obsolete.

With tuxedo ownership comes formal wear care. Though men are accustomed to dropping their business suits off at the dry cleaner, they may not realize that tuxedo care requires an experienced firm for the proper care of their formal attire. Every dry cleaner will claim to clean tuxedos, but only those with specialty garment expertise can deliver.  Tuxedos have satin facing on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a satin side stripe down the leg of the trousers.  Suits don’t. Some tuxedos have a very thin satin stripe, but they have satin nonetheless. That satin causes the need for a special cleaning process. But it isn’t only the incorporation of satin in a tuxedo that demands a special cleaning process. It’s also the special handling that goes above and beyond the standard automated process found in most dry cleaners.

The point of wearing a tuxedo isn’t just to dress up and look nice.  A tuxedo commemorates an occasion that is special to the man wearing it. If the occasion is special enough to you to wear a tuxedo, it’s special enough for us to take the best of care of your formal wear.


Beads. Sequins. Chiffon. Silk. Satin. Tulle. Organza. Velvet.  All these fabrics are found in evening gowns.  Each fabric has its own set of characteristics, and it’s own unique cleaning requirements to keep it in its prime condition. These are not materials you want to entrust to a chain-dry-cleaner. These fabrics call for formal attire cleaners with the experience and expertise to care for your special gown. We recommend you select your evening wear cleaner with the same critical eye that you used to select your gown. We hope you’ll choose Village Cleaner in St. Louis Park, where we promise to care for your evening wear with loving care.