Spring is here, everyone has spring fever! Who wants to be inside the house doing laundry? What is your time worth? What could you be doing instead of being your own laundry service? 

It takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes to iron a shirt with an iron and ironing board at home.  

Depending on how particular you are with your level of perfection and the type of shirt fabric, it could take longer.  Let Village Cleaners in St. Louis Park allow you to spend time outside with your family and friends and spend your time the way YOU CHOOSE  instead of having to prepare your wardrobe for your work week.  We have several dry cleaning coupons and specials throughout our website that can help you make your decision on what pays for your value of time or realizing that using a laundry service makes perfect sense.  Another example is how many jeans or cottons pants fit in one load of your washing machine?  The average home washer will allow for 6 pairs of pants at one time and when you dry those pants in one dryer load, how wrinkled are they when you pull them out. In comparing the time spent on ironing those pants or worse, smoothing them with your hands, how ready for work do you look on Monday morning? Village Cleaners would love to give you time to spend the way you want AND make you look like a rock star when you show up to work!  

It’s not “what’s in your wallet?” it’s “what impression do you make?”