1.    First Rule, never wear white!  A wedding guest should never compete with the bride!

2.    Dress UP!  This is a couple’s very important celebration.  Show your support and show respect of the value and importance of their special day. Make sure you bring your suits and dresses to the dry cleaners so that they are clean and pressed to look their very best.

3.   Will  the royal wedding start the american trend of women wearing hats? Hats bring a new level for formality to dressing up. 

4.    RSVP in a timely fashion and take note of the time of day of the event and dress accordingly, paying special attention to the dress code. There are different dress protocols in a day or evening wedding. 

5.    Respectfully, stay off social media.  Allow the wedding couple to release their news on their terms and with their first photos that they chose. Respectfully turn your phone off or leave it in the car.

6.    Never bring your gift to the ceremony, wait for the gift table to be displayed at the reception.

7.    Be respectful of the wedding couple in the reception line.  They have many guests to say a short hello and thank you for coming.  The time and place for a longer conversation is not at that time.

8.    Village Cleaners has assisted in many wedding events and is always proud to assure that the wedding pictures are stunning!  We make sure that every outfit is camera worthy!