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Garment Cleaning Your Dark Wardrobe

Are you frustrated when you buy a new pair of jeans or black shirt, only for them to fade after a few washes? Faded blacks and dark colors need to be treated extra special, the easy answer would be to never wash your dark clothes, but your clothes do have to eventually get clean. As [...]

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Choosing the best dry cleaner

FACT #1: All dry cleaners are not created equal. Full service dry cleaners offer a pretty broad list of services and give attention to detail.  They use an extensive step by step process that does not take short cuts in their process and is willing to give the attention to detail in providing spot removal [...]

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Clorox vs. Village Cleaners

It is often thought that bleach is a miracle cleaner that kills germs and gets rid of stains on white laundry and sanitizes areas around the home. However, bleach is dangerous and not nearly as effective at garment cleaning as many think, it is not a cure all. At Village Cleaners in St. Louis Park, [...]

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Dress better, work better?

Research shows that when you wear nice clothing, you achieve more. Dress better, work better? Studies suggest that dressing up for work in a suit or blazer could do wonders for an employee’s productivity, whether going into a negotiation, making a sales call or even participating in a video conference with business associates. Having them [...]

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How do I store my off season garments?

Dry Clean or wash all garments before you store them away for the season, now is the best time. Any stains left on clothing will only darken and become worse as they sit in storage. Cleaning the clothes also means that insects will be less likely to take up residence in your sweaters. Most clothing just [...]

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Wrinkle saving ways to pack your clothes for travel

Knowing how to pack your clothes for traveling can reduce wrinkles and prevent damage to fabric. It also can mean you can save space in your luggage, allowing you to fit more inside. Different types of clothing can vary slightly, here are some basics to help take the stress out of your trip. Pants or [...]

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Why does my wool sweater itch?

Not all wool itches believe it or not.  As the cooler weather brings the warmer sweaters to the top of the pile, the ones that itch stay at the bottom.  So why is that?  Well there is a lot to learn about this natural fiber and for the sake of boring most of the world, [...]

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